• Own machine park and transport.

  • More than 30 years of experience

  • Hundreds of completed projects in Poland, Europe and the world.

  • The quality of our services and punctuality are the most important for us.

About us

Combining over 30 years of experience, fresh energy and modern solutions, we provide our customers with the highest level of service. We are advertised by hundreds of completed greenhouse projects for companies that sell greenhouses, greenhouse producers, public entities and, most importantly, gardeners.

Paweł and Jarosław Skierscy



Installation of a greenhouse

We are building new and used greenhouses.

There's no greenhouse system on the market that's alien to us.

The service includes:

  • assembly of the greenhouse structure,
  • installation of ventilation mechanisms and motors,
  • assembly of the aluminium housing,
  • glazing of the greenhouse roof,
  • glazing of greenhouse walls,
  • door mounting: rolling and sliding Speed Door type

Roof glazing

We do not employ a special team to glaze the roof - we are the teams. For roof glazing, we use special glazing platforms or, in the case of smaller objects, lifts for glazing.

Our teams include glaziers with experience in roof installation and we have our own equipment.

Assembly of halls and sandwich panels

With the use of our own equipment and teams we are able to implement:

  • assembly of the steel structure of the hall,
  • covering the roof of the hall with a sandwich panel,
  • assembly of the hall wall plates,
  • assembly of flashings,
  • assembly of doors,
  • assembly of Speed-Door gates,
  • connection of packhalls to greenhouses.

Central heating

We perform central heating installations in greenhouses, garden centres and plastic tunnels, including:

  • bottom heating systems (trolleys), vegetative heating systems, as well as top heating systems (under the pipes),
  • pump stations,
  • installation of central heating heaters,
  • PE / KPE underfloor heating,
  • installations and repairs of furnaces,
  • modernisation of boiler plants,
  • service and modification of existing central heating installations in greenhouses in order to improve their efficiency.

Pre-insulated thermal networks

Our welders have extensive experience in welding preinsulated pipes. We produce complete heat networks, including:

  • welding of preinsulated pipes,
  • carrying out a pressure test of the installation,
  • installation of alarm systems for preinsulated pipes,
  • installation of heat-shrink couplers,
  • correct positioning of pipes in the trench,
  • supervision over earthworks from excavation, through priming to backfill.

Shading curtains

We install shading and thermal insulation curtains from all manufacturers, including:

  • horizontal curtains,
  • side-shutters,
  • nettings.

The laser glasshouse terrain equation

H. Weterings automatic levelling plough, specially designed for greenhouses, Spectra's laser control technology ensures high precision and gives you a significant advantage over conventional terrain equation methods.

Advantages over traditional excavators / bulldozers:

  • 2 laser points for levelling the plough - more accuracy and time saving,
  • greater agility - possibility of manoeuvring between the columns, not only along the aisles,
  • less risk of damage to greenhouse posts.

Dismantling, moving and renovating greenhouses

  • demolition of the greenhouse,
  • relocation of the greenhouse - dismantling and re-erection of the greenhouse at a new location,
  • retrofitting old greenhouses with newer solutions.

Painting of pipes

We paint central heating pipes according to the customer's preferences - before installation by spraying or conventionally as well as painting pipeline sequences after welding.

Consultancy and service

We offer our many years of experience and knowledge. We help both current and future customers:

  • service / replacement of roof and wall glass,
  • service of shading curtains,
  • service and fault elimination of central heating systems.


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