Garden centres

We build a garden centre comprehensively:


Installation of a greenhouse

We are building new and used greenhouses.
There's no greenhouse system on the market that's alien to us.

The service includes:


Glazing of the greenhouse roof and walls

We have our own glazing teams.

For roof glazing, we use specialized glazing platforms on tracks and loaders equipped with handles for safe transport of packages with glass.

Our glaziers have extensive experience in roof installation, maintain a high pace and work safety.


Assembly of halls and sandwich panels

With the use of our own equipment and teams we are able to implement:


Central heating

We perform central heating installations in greenhouses, garden centres and plastic tunnels, including:


Pre-insulated thermal networks

Our welders have extensive experience in welding preinsulated pipes. We produce complete heat networks, including:


Shading curtains

We install shading and thermal insulation curtains from all manufacturers, including:


The laser glasshouse terrain equation

H. Weterings automatic levelling plough, specially designed for greenhouses, Spectra's laser control technology ensures high precision and gives you a significant advantage over conventional terrain equation methods.

Advantages over traditional excavators / bulldozers:


Dismantling, moving and renovating greenhouses


Consultancy and service

We offer our many years of experience and knowledge. We help both current and future customers: